Katzebosch, Grauer Burgunder, 2011, Jürgen Leiner, German white-wine

7 points

I wrote about this wine three years ago when I started this blog: Katzebosch, Grauer Burgunder, 2011, Jürgen Leiner. Since I have stored some bottles and open one occasionally, not only to see how the wine has developed, but also simply because I felt the desire to drink this wine now, some thoughts about it could be interesting. Certainly not on every topic or wine, but if much has happened, much, as in the case it did with the Grauer Burgunder of Jürgen Leiner, then why not. I also write several reviews at restaurants each time I return. Just as I did the last with the Hisa Franko (Hisa Franko, Restaurant, Staro Stelo (3rd report))

Very full of character, wonderfully soft, elegant and creamy, without becoming too decadent – that’s how I would now describe the Grauer Burgunder Katzenbosch. Obviously, the wine does mature very well. A powerful, intense wine that tastes like summer meadow even after ten years, straw flowers and dry grasses. Only a few years ago I would have said that this is more of a lighter contemporary among Grauer Burgunder. You can not say that anymore, because now this is more of a wine that you can drink by the open fire of a fireplace, as one likes to do with a glass of Chardonnay now and then.

To make a long story short: the wine is exceptionally great and if you are able to store this wine and not serve it right away, then it would be a great addition to your collection. Due to the biological and technically extremely careful work, the vintage 2011 should be able to age for a long time without the wine being worse, but it will probably remain a big treasure. If you cannot store it and you would get for whatever reasons a bottle 2011 in your hands, drink and enjoy it. It is fantastic.

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