Grüß Gott, hello and very welcome!

Encouraged by many friends and my children I finally decided to run an own but modest blog about food, wine and also accommodation.

I enjoy good food and like to drink good wine. My friends accept my recommendations of restaurants and the most of the times and always ask me to choose the wine. Why not to share some impressions with a wider audience?

I am not a professional tester, sommelier or chef, so please do not expect reviews as you would find them in food journals or professional wine blogs. I am working in a complete different field of business, but due to my job I need to travel a lot and get the chance to find many interesting places to try and taste.

I do not follow a special plan or structure in regard to the selection of wines, restaurants or hotels. Sometimes it is a very spontaneous review, sometimes I really like to share some experience because the wine, food or bed is very special, very good or even maybe very bad.

The way I am writing is personal, subjective and sometimes political incorrect. I do not make a different between cheap or very expensive places although I you will not find a review of a wine which costs more than perhaps € 300 a bottle or a meal which costs more than € 150. I honor wine-makers if they make great wine below € 10 as much as I honor great food at an affordable place.

I am not a vegetarian or a dogmatic supporter of only organic wines for example. Everything what we eat and drink should simply have its quality.

A hotel must be clean of course!

And last but not least: all what we consume is related to people. In the most of the cases there are great personalities behind a great wine, a nice hotel or a fantastic restaurant.