Katzebosch, Grauer Burgunder, 2011, Jürgen Leiner, White-wine from Germany

6,5 points

I said everything about Jürgen Leiner as you can find already two reviews about the remarkable winemaker from German area Pfalz.

Aside of his Riesling (https://avdwineandfood.net/2015/04/03/riesling-kalmit-2011-weingut-jurgen-leiner/) and Pinot Noir (https://avdwineandfood.net/2015/04/03/spatburgunder-kalmit-weingut-jurgen-leiner-2009/) he also produces a Grauer Burgunder which in French and therefore internationally is a Pinot Gris.

Even this could sound strange but when I have been tasting this wine and wonder to what it remains me I came up with sunflower seeds. The sweetish taste at the moment a seeds open in your mouths is similar to the herbal but dry fruitiness of this excellent white wine. It’s really creamy, even a little bit fad (if I can say so) and rich of so many different summer grass aromas. Simply wonderful! As all wines of Jürger Leiner this is a very kind, light and even tender wine. Soft but with a hint of minarlity even the soil the wine is from contains rather loam than granite (which I thought it would taste like). The vineyard of this wine is different to the other two wines I wrote about. It is called Katzebosch which is rather flat land and according to Jürger Leiner one of the warmest location in Pfalz.

WP_20151017_038I would recommand to drink this wine not too cold, I would even decade it. This something really special and therefore perhaps rather difficult to combine with. Perhaps two ideas which are very opposite: Leberwurst (German Paté) and Chinese Sweet Sour Pork.

You may remember that Jürgen Leiner always puts a rare insect on the beautiful labels of his wines. The symbol of this wine is a chilopoda respectively centipede.