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July 2015

Restaurant Embassy, Karlovy Vary

Restaurant Embassy, Karlovy Vary, Czech Repbulic

4 points

Another prestigious restaurant in Karlovy Vary is called Embassy. Similar to the restaurant Promenada on which I recently wrote also a review ( Embassy is a hot-spot for prominent and VIPs of Czech Republic. Many international stars have been at this place, too, since it is one of “the” Karlovy Vary Film Festival restaurants.

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Vinogradi Fon, Teran, 2011

Vinogradi Fon, Teran, 2011, Red-wine from Slovenia

7 points

This sort of grapes is called differently depending to the area it grows:  Refosco and Terrano in Italian areas and in Slovenia Refošk and Teran. Reading about Refosco it seems there are some sub-sorts.

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Vinogradi Fon, Vitovska, 2006

Vinogradi Fon, Vitovska, 2006, Marco Fon, White-wine from Slovenia

6 points

As probably most of us we don’t know too much about wines from Slovenia. I already wrote some reports about Slovenian wines ( as well as about the wonderful restaurant and pension Hisa Franko (

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Kanzemer Altenberg, Riesling Spätlese 2012, Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier

Kanzemer Altenberg, Riesling Spätlese Trocken, 2012 Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier, White-wine from Germany

6,5 points

Another remarkable Riesling! At the label it is said Mosel but in real it is a wine from the Saar again as for instance all Scharzhofberg Riesling.

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Kurni, 2008

Kurni, Montepulciano Rosso IGT, 2008, Oasi degli Angelis Kurni, Red-wine from Italy

8 points

Very seldom you get a wine which is so original, so unique, so astonishing and simply fantastic. It is almost impossible to believe that this is pure Montepulciano. Kurni is the name of one of best wines from Italy I know.

Many years ago we ordered a wine in noble restaurant in Moscow named Bolshoi. The sommelier apologized because the selected wine wasn’t available but recommended a Kurni! My life would be poorer if the other wine would have been still available and I have’nt met this sommelier! I never heard about Kurni and – honestly since I hadn’t to pay – I agreed to take it also because the wine was very expensive. Really every single drop was worth each kopek! I became curious and wanted to know more about the winemaker, in particular because the wine comes from the region Marche which is rather unknown and unpopular.

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Collezione Bertani, Bardolino, 2013

Collezione Bertani, Bardolino 2013, Red-wine from Italy

2 points

I didn’t know about the story of Bertani and I did not met a wine of this producer which impressed me by now. This bottle of red-wine was a welcome gift of the Regent Hotel in Warsaw; so I honestly didn’t expect something special. Just that you know in advance: it isn’t a big wine or something very special! So if you expect a report about something extraordinary please have a look at some others of my reviews.

Of course one could say it’s a typical gift as one bottle doesn’t cost more than six €, so don’t expect too much! On the other hand it’s a gift but (!): Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Restaurace Promenáda, Karlovy Vary

Restaurant Promenáda, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

4 points

The restaurant Promenáda is on ground floor of same named hotel in one of the most famous spa towns or baths in Europe called in German Karlsbad and in Czech Karlovy Vary which is also the official name since 1945.

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Belvedere, Restaurant, Warsaw

Belvedere, Restaurant, Warsaw, Poland

7 points

Wonderful location – wonderful food!

This is actually what would be enough to describe the restaurant Belvedere. The restaurant’s home is the new orangery in the Royal Lazienki Park in the middle of Warsaw.


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