Pomerol, Château Cantelauze, Jean Noel Boidron, 2000, red-wine from France

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It is very probably senseless writing about “Pomerol” since really everything seems to be said. There are thousand more experts and each of them would certainly know more than me. I make it short: Pomerol is one of the much well known and respected wine areas and application in the Eastern region of Bordeaux (right side of Dordogne). It is considered being one the very best locations for wine in the world, some of the wines from Pomerol are really famous but also extremely expensive. Maybe two aspects are reasonable to name: the application of Pomerol does not know a classification system all reputation and reference of a wine is related to the vinery and its brand. The prices differences between vineries which even immediate neighbors are completely inexplicable as there are ranges of some hundred, sometimes even thousand Euros per bottle!

Aside of world famous “Pomerol’s” like Le Pin, Château Lafleur or Petrus there are some less known vineries which are affordable and very good as well.

The family of Jean Noel Boidron, which produces wine since the 18century in the Bordeaux region, stays behind Pomerol, Château Cantelauze, 2000 which is the brand of a sophisticated and elegant red-wine of Pomerol. Its vineyard is close to Petrus and the wine is made of Merlot (up to 90%) and Cabernet Frank.

WP_20151205_009Reading about the quality of different vintages, it seems 2000 was rather a good one. This wine is very smooth; it has a creamy and soft balance of clayey dryness and tender and modest fruitiness of dark cherries, even lingonberries. It is pretty voluminous, flavors of may be truffles and some chocolate, which gives the wine characterful peatiness. Very well structured!

Don’t miss to give the wine some time to breath. It deserves some hours, I would say. So if you once like to taste the taste of Pomerol I guess you are very good with this wine. Classic, with an own personality, but not too ambitious! It fits to any red meat, but also richer autumn or winter dishes.

Although it might be not easy to find the 2000 Château Cantelauze, price wise the wine is below € 150 which is the benchmark of my blog. One reference in the internet says you can get the wine for ca. € 60, which is indeed still a lot of money, but not € 3.000 or even more which would be the price for a bottle of Petrus of 2000.

Find some more information about the Boidron family at their webpage, which unfortunately but not untypically is only in french: http://www.boidron.info/