Les Paradetes, Conca De Barberà, 2009, Red-wine from Spain

2,5 points

It is a philosophy to produce wines as naturally as possible, to classify the wine as organic or even biodynamic. For some people, discussing whether wine should contain sulfite is fundamental. I have no clear statement or position but just like to say that some overly natural wines just aren’t my cup of tea. (Adding sulfite is an appropriate and even in some cases necessary element of winemaking). I appreciate organic production as it is certainly healthier and respects natural resources and enriches flavors.

Nobody really knows if the phase of the moon or even natural or artificial noises or sounds have some influences on wine’s development. I personally don’t believe in it.

During fermentation there are also plenty of processes which some more fundamental winemakers keep as natural as possible: no or as little as possible filtering, use of plant yeasts from the vineyard or a limit of clearing process.

The winemakers of Conca De Barberà are committed to very natural winemaking – not only this according to their webpage: http://en.celler-escodasanahuja.com – and in some regard but with all respect Les Paradetes comes along like a wine should be produced by this sprite.

Les Paradetes is a cuvee of three sorts of more or less typical Spanish grapes: Garnacha, Mazuelo, Surnoll. If you smell these kind of unconventional wines sometime you have the feeling smelling stable and some dung aside of strong notes of berries, even something like a sweet liquor. Drinking then is a totally different experience: It is really naturally clear, very fruity but, as a tribute to the kind of making, also unsurprisingly sour. The balance you would look for drinking this wine is probably tannin and some wooden aromas. Missing any wooden flavors in this case there is pretty present tannin. My personal summery is: this wine is too sour and not exotic enough considering all special treatments it experienced. (And too expensive!)

The color of the wine is a deep red.

The wine would probably go well with grilled lamb or condimental sausages and perhaps also some kind of stew.

Aside of Berlin winestore: www.vinoculture.de I also found another webpage you can order this wine: http://www.ravenborg.de/shop/.