Hisa Franko, Restaurant, Staro Selo (Kobarid), Slovenia

8 points

In reference to my previous report about Hisa Franko – https://avdwineandfood.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/hisa-franko-restaurant-hotel-staro-selo/ – I like to highlight the amazing, impressive and memorable cuisine. Ana Roš is a remarkable chef and it is completely not understandable that she hasn’t got more awards respectively she does not belongs to the circle of cooks which shall have at least one Michelin star considering uninspired food experiences in some French Michelin star restaurants.

Her passion probably is the garden and natural surrounding a mountain forests, meadows and valleys. Her dishes are fascinating fresh – taste wise and by quality – there is always a balance of natural original taste, some sourness of mentioned garden and nature ingredient – but of course all aromas of fish or meat. Some dishes are even salty and sweat but without any Asian influence. You can consider the most if not all is pure organic. Bred, butter and a lot of other things are homemade as well.

The dishes are also a kind of expression of what Slovenian cuisine could be: down to earth food of Alps, Mediterranean cuisine mixed with some Italian and Balkan influences.

Her husband is Valter Kramar who serves you with suitable and mostly very delicious wines out of his own collection.

Since I like to be careful awarding someone with my highest point range, I shall say that I definitely got one of the best menus in my life!

WP_20150423_024Greeting from the kitchen as it called

WP_20150423_027marble trout, sauce of green celery and tangerines, avocado and shallot mousse, green peas and coriander


Grayling, beetroot and raspberry, butter milk

WP_20150423_033Roe buck (deer), sea urchin and marble trout roe

WP_20150423_036Mackarel caramelisded in sweet tomato and cinnamon, pumpkin soup


Nettle liquid ravioi, langoustines, morels and bone maarow

WP_20150423_046Black cod fried in vegetable ashes, smoked egg and asparagus


Pork neck, black garlic, winter spinach, candy lemon

WP_20150423_050wild raspberry, spruce tree merengue, spruce sprouts lemon and rose

WP_20150423_054this one is called “Big Apple”

As you can see, the decoration is so beautiful, too. It is like art. Just a wonderful experience.

Please find much more information about Ana’s cooking at http://www.hisafranko.com/en/anas-kitchen/philosophy/