Weinbar Rutz, Berlin, Germany

“Hans”, Pinot Noir, Hans Herzog, Marlborough, Red-wine from New Zealand

Just a steak! This I love so much about a place like Weinbar Rutz (http://www.rutz-weinbar.de/): on the first floor a Michelin Star restaurant, at the grand level a bar. Coming later the night at 10 pm – after a long day of work – and you get the best food still you can get in town. Without any special arrangements, without the effort of reservation, even not knowing of what you will get since there are always some new or just daily offers. Although season of asparagus started and I could have some first whole I took Prime US Beef as the current piece is in “best age” now – over 50 days dry aged in a smaller drying glassy box in the bar carefully watched by Marco Müller and his team. Super soft, rich of flavors, manly and just rich: a firework of meat flavors. ! Nice of the guys to serve it with something aside: it is not necessary!

7 points for the steak

WP_20150416_002Christoph Geyler introduced to me an amazing Pinot Noir from New Zealand as the ideal companion for the steak: “Hans”!

Does not sound very New Zealandic, doesn’t it?  Hans is the first name of a Swiss winemaker Hans Herzog in Blenheim, Marlborough. “Hans” is a special edition only for Rutz and will be presented under Rutz’s own label “Rutz Rebell”:  A wonderful, voluminous and rich Pinot Noir full of summer flavors, cherry but also tobacco. Pepper and perhaps even some chilly but perfectly balanced. It reminded me rather to some Australian wines I must say, nevertheless if you like something rich, oaky and wooden but still fresh, elegant and special, it is very worth to try this wine. This is an excellent merge of Central European Pinot Noir and flavors of wines of the so-called New World.

5 points for the wine

I will soon write about this wine and vinery a little bit more but need to learn also more about it!