Schloss Proschwitz, Spätburgunder, 2009, red-wine from Germany

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Schloss Proschwitz is a winery close to Meissen in Saxonia. Meissen is world famous because of its porcelain manufactory and its historical prominent assemble of its cathedral and castle called Albrechtsburg.

Burgberg mit Albrechtsburg und Dom (Leander Wattig)
Burgberg mit Albrechtsburg und Dom (Leander Wattig)

Schloss Proschwitz is one of the main and well known wineries in this area nevertheless many people who like wine would not expect some special wines from the north of Dresden. It is indeed a pretty northern region but because of this it may is even more surprising and interesting that you can discover some very notable wines.

WP_20150305_002This Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) of 2009 is very good to drink now. Perhaps the first nip doesn’t deliver immediately the entire pleasure you would experience to drink some further classes. At the beginning it is very reserved I must say, but after 15 to 20 minutes in the decanter you will witness a silent explosion of very typical “German” flavours of a solid and good Spätburgunder.

The colour of the wine is rather but typically transparent and red like a brick. The first smell reminded me to some tobacco as it is somehow smoky and woody but not only typical barrique tones. There is a very pleasant balance of this decent wooden character, some earthy fruitiness as elderberries and perhaps plums and special wort. A bit later I even thought to taste something as clove.

All in all a very nice Spätburgunder which maybe is even better as a tasty companion of a great dish. I can imagine some people would dislike perhaps the slight dominance of wooden falvors.