Cannes: Cave Croisette at Rue de Antibes

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Everyone who knows me also knows how much I dislike Cannes. However, due to my business, I had to be there quite often.

WP_000737If you prefer to stay away from the touristic areas and horrifying food alleyways, if you like to avoid the grotesque freaks with some super models at the Croisette, and if you’d rather be around “normal” people, you should visit a small Brasserie and wine bar called Cave Crevette, at the beginning of Rue de Antibes. See here.

There is a very nice and nimble lady running this place – if I remember right, her name is Isabelle. The service is perfect and incomparably fast, considering the southern French and in particular Cannes waiter. As I was told, she is from the north of France as an explanation for her diligence.

If you sit inside, you are surrounded by walls of wine boards – and before you eat, you chose your winWP_000898 (2)e much like you would in a store, studying the impressive selection of mostly French wines. You will get solid advice if you need it, and I’ve had only positive experiences. In addition, all of the open wines are really nice.

Due to limited space, but also probably as part of the concept, the number of meals is limited and changes very often. The quality is great, it is really fresh, and the dishes are rather simple but always very delicious – even sometimes luxury. In particular, don’t miss out on ordering some of the appetizers!

I learned about two wines there which I really like and can recommend. Please see some of the next blogs.