Seehaus, Inn, Fichtelberg, Germany

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I am thankful that Elisabeth Burghardt (former Bartel) once again accepted my invitation to post another review on my blog (here first one is here: Panama, Restaurant, Berlin )

The Fichtelgebirge (Fichtel Mountains) is a fairly well known region in northern Bavaria, close to the Czech border. It’s an idyllic and remote area with breathtakingly beautiful woods where you walk on soft terrain, surrounded by nothing but the twittering of birds, the gurgling of a small stream and crisp fresh air. It’s a region that was once known for its mining industry (basalt, marble but also gold, tin and iron). Its massive granite rocks once left a deep impression on no less than Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe and even inspired him to an essay about the prehistoric rock (see quote below).

Hiking and fresh air makes you hungry, then and now and so, like the famous poet, we came upon a delightful inn called “Seehaus”. A plate on the outside  mentions Goethe’s stay here in 1785. Entering the old house, which dates from the early 18th century and was originally built for mining workers, you instantly feel like travelling back in time. It’s a simple, welcoming room with a big masonry heater and traditional wood furniture in green and red that look like straight out of a fairy tale book and somehow reminded me of my childhood. On warmer days you can enjoy the view from a large, sunny terrace.


The inn is run by a young couple who warmly welcomed us. We ordered “Bärlauchsuppe” (wild garlic soup) and a salad from white asparagus with chicken breast. 20180414_125734.jpgBoth dishes arrived quickly, served by the friendly young waitress. The soup was creamy, fresh and tasteful, the salad came with a traditional vinaigrette and was perfect for a light lunch.


Afterwards we had a delicious, home-made rhubarb cake. Instead of wine we drank a pleasant organic lemonade (Limoment). So keep it like old Goethe and when roaming these magical forests, don’t forget to stop by at the “Seehaus” for simple, unpretentious food and great atmosphere. You can only get there on foot after a rewarding and easy hike, or by mountain bike.

A fitting quote from Goethe’s essay for those who speak German: Ja man gönne mir, der ich durch die Abwechslungen der menschlichen Gesinnungen, durch die schnelle Bewegung derselben in mir selbst und in anderen manches gelitten habe und leide, die erhabene Ruhe, die jene einsame stumme Nähe der großen, leise sprechenden Natur gewährt und wer davon eine Ahndung hat, folge mir.

Further information about Seehaus you can find here:

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