Jungbluth, Restaurant, Berlin, Germany

5,5 points

You won’t find all of Berlin’s best restaurants in the city’s center or only in trendy areas. The diversity and, in a certain sense, the attractiveness of particular parts of the city is reflected in their culinary possibilities, and this of course goes beyond Mitte and the West. I’ve already reviewed a few of these restaurants, for example „Bieberbau“ in Wilmersdorf (Bieberbau, Restaurant, Berlin).

Michelin bestows not only stars but also the Bib Gourmand Award disctinction. This happens to be a really good thing, and is given to restaurants whose culinary offering is solid and high quality, although not on the level of Michelin-starred places.


And this is what brought the Michelin testers to try Jungblut, a restaurant located in Berlin-Steglitz. The fact that I was willing to go all the way to Steglitz for a restaurant should demonstrate the faith I have in their recommendations. I mean, no one really wants to go to Steglitz, though of course there are some lovely spots there, as in every other part of Berlin.  Excluding, of course, Spandau!

The name is a good fit to the restaurant; it still looks a bit like a tavern from the old days, a typical Berlin „Gasthaus“ on a typical streetcorner. Tasty food served in a friendly atmosphere, which is somehow a mixture of old-fashioned, Ikea, and a few stylish accents.  Most of the menu is seasonal and available for a limited time.  If you choose three dishes, it automatically becomes a menu and is more economical. In any case, what you find here is a young team making good food in a kind of older, established area of the city.


On the other hand, the meal was certainly nothing exceptional.  A piece of fried fish on a kind of vegetable risotto, which, because of the rich sauce, all ended up a bit heavy. The high point for me was the dessert, a medley of tangerines, which is a fruit I think could be much more widely used – though perhaps part of its culinary limitation is that its short season falls so close to Christmas. (I have been there ca six months ago)

 The wine list contains a rather strange selection.  A bit of everything, without a clear or recongnizable signature, which leaves me wondering a bit about the ambitions of the restauranteur.

So, in summary, a pleasant and small spot in a residential area in the southern part of Berlin. A good recommendation for anyone who likes to shop in the area, or who knows someone who lives here, or who lives there themself.

Here is their homepage: http://jungbluth-restaurant.de/