Le Serre Nuove dell’Ornellaia, Bolgheri Doc, 2012, Tenuta dell‘ Ornellaia, Red-wine from Italy

6 points

Vinery Ornellaia is one of the most distinguished in Tuscany. The most famous wine of it has the simple name of the vinery Ornellaia which lays in the region Bolgheri belongs to the top wines of supertuscan.

Le Serre Nuove is the second wine or as many reviews say the little brother of the main brand. Although 2012 is too young in my mind, the vinery puts a lot efforts to make this wine drinkable as early as possible – probably to be able to sell and consume quickly. Anyhow, even this is too young, you immediately realize drinking a great, big red wine. Black and wild cherries, a bit cassis but also some plum, these are the fruity aromas. Not to lead you into any wrong impression, the wine is in general pretty dry which I really enjoy. There is pepper and some oak spice, aromatic balance which grows with each minute the bottle is open.

One the other side: this isn’t a wine you could do anything wrong. It is smooths and certainly elegant. But it isn’t very unique, I missed a so called “last kick”. The only maybe very special taste reminded me to mocha. Typically for such a wine it has a long finish.

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia isn’t a very old vinery. It was founded only in 1981. The first Ornellaia presented to the market was in 1988. Within seven years they cultivated new vineries and build up an impressive cellar – everything really which needs good time seems got it time. Today as mentioned this is one of the most remarkable vinery in Italy. There is a really beautiful webpage of the vinery: http://www.ornellaia.com/. I do not need to describe much more about the vineyard or the location as you can read everything by yourself.


It belongs since ten years to family Frescobaldi which is – as probably many of you know – one of the most successful, influential and well reputable wine producers of Italy. Considering how many huge and famous wines coming out of vineries which belong to Frescobaldi you would consider some should loss quality due to quantity. But so far I am able to evaluate this, they take care about their wines and confirm highest quality each year.

Disadvantage of the success but also quality of this wine is the price. You can buy this wine at many online store as well shops