Casalferro, Barone Ricasoli, 2000, Red-wine from Italy

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Barone Ricasoli is one of the most prestigious vineries of Tuscany. According to Ricasoli’s webpage it is the oldest vinery in Italy as well as the biggest one in Tuscany. It doesn’t matter in my mind as their wines without any doubt belong to the best ones of Tuscany. Although I think the approach is a little bit too showily and even pretentious, it could be considered to be allowed because unbribable constant quality.

It is maybe five years ago when I bought some bottles of their at this time rather new creation called Casalferro. The vintage of 2000 was still a cuvee of Merlot and Sangiovese. Today it is pur Merlot. When I opened one bottle perhaps two years ago I already had the impression it could be too late as the wine a nuisance of decay. Now it seems to be perfect.

The wine appears dark and rich red. The first smell let you adumbrate the softness and richness of taste. Give the wine at least one hour before you drink it.

The first thought of first nip is: this is chocolate pure! Of course there are fruity aromas which one could identify as plum and black cherries, there is perhaps some vanilla in it as well, pretty balanced tannins and a really lovely soften aftertaste. Both grapes are in a nice balance. Although you would consider the wine has a tendency to be a little bit too sweet the dryness of the Merlot keeps the richness. This is a real full and voluminous and enjoyable wine. This all said; for me the wine remains to be overestimated. I cannot share all amazing reviews the wine once received as at the end the wine is one-dimensional – as said: chocolate pure. I really miss some unique element which could make it to something real interesting.

0a0d5b8d469430139f5f3b485118df07a70cb745A complete different but interesting note is the renewal of the label. 2000 it still had a strict very formal one which you can see on the photo. Since 2007 Ricasoli introduced much more individual forms of bottles – doubtless very nice ones – and turned the label into something more magical or fabulous. Is this to be considered as a sign of times?

All wines of Barone Ricasoli don’t belong to inexpensive ones. High quality of course, a little bit dominant and in regard to promotion excellent: tradition and fashion become one product – something almost only Italians can create, design or manufacture.

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