Colledilà, Castello de Brolio, Chianti Classico, 2007, Barone Ricasoli, Red-wine from Italy

6,5 points

Another brand of wine-producer Barone Ricasoli is Colledilà which is classic Chianti. Indeed this is one of the best Chianti I know. Introduced to me once by friend Billy Wagner I am keeping some bottles since a while in my cellar. The wine indeed grows while maturing. Just great stuff.

Give the wine some hours to breath; don’t serve it on room temperature but a little bit colder and perhaps just enjoy it without any food. The color is intensive red, the wine appears a bit creamy in the glass – like a meaty and rich wine. The smell is like the best of Sangiovese, not to offensive, rather modest but alluring.

The wine is very soften but not without its own character. Enjoyable dry on one side, on the other side rich of red fruits aromas rich of sun; but there is more, there are flavors of freshly picks herbs in the combination of some minerality which is rather seldom for a wine of this region. It also reminds to the taste of an elder but still delicious apple.

As I never visited the vineyard the mentioned minerality of course is connected to the soil. Referring to Barone Ricasoli’s webpage the vineyard’s soil is clay, chalky, with a sub alkaline pHJ and little organic content. It is well drained, very stony and has an average water-holding capacity. I cannot judge since I haven’t been there, but tasting the wine it seems to be very correct.

Sometime you don’t like to do experiments drinking some wine but just want to be satisfied, happy and bewitched by a wonderful flavor. I wouldn’t automatically recommend Chianti just for that what I meant. But Colledilà – and this vintage – let your relax and enjoy on a very high level. Every nip deliver some new, satisfying perceptions.

A very, very good wine!

The label is mystical and it is said that this shows the area of Castello di Brolio. It could be a “Games of Thrones” setting or a wine of one of the kings of “Lord of The Rings”. Trendy, but nice!

Everything I wrote already about Barone Ricasoli can we re-read at If you like to read more about this wine in particular please follow the link:

Wine costs between € 35 and € 38.