To The Bone, Restaurant & Bar, Berlin, Germany

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4 points by Alexander van Dülmen


I am very pleased to have Till Schmerbeck writing a review of one of our last dinners – this one at one of Berlin’s newest hot-spots called ToTheBone. Not only that he is a “to be on the go” producer – his latest success was German Horror “Heilstätten”, he is also someone who really enjoys food and wine. Here his review: 


Today we meet in Berlin’s trendy Mitte district. Anyone who opens a restaurant here should have a clear idea that the audience in the tough selection of culinary options in this area may honor. TO THE BONE at Torstr. 96 stands fancy in red neon above the entrance. The room concept and interior are similar to the successful localities such as CORDOBAR and TORBAR, where an opulent counter hits in the middle and the dining tables are around or in the back. Here, too, a sense of community should arise and almost everyone is allowed to examine your plate. A flirt with the most international guests can be tried even from the table.

Personally, I have always avoided ordering a main piece of meat in an Italian restaurant. Inlaid shoe soles and over-done Schnitzel coined a mini trauma. Time for a new beginning.

It promises authentic northern Italian eating and meat culture, with a special appreciation for the butcher’s trade and its tradition – with selected suppliers from Italy. The heart of the kitchen at TO THE BONE, as the name implies, is served on the bone from 800g / 1000g. A single visit to this restaurant could be a great challenge for your capacity. Save yourself to this experiment and invite your partner and at best your dog at the same time. Wuff will take the rest bone unforgettable in his dreams.


The meat is very well matured and prepared. Juicy and easy on the palate you can eat the beef – on request with a side dish of the season or pure with a neat Lagrein Riserva Tor di Lupo. The full-bodied red wine from South Tyrol combines smoothly into the meat enjoyment. On a dessert we have renounced self-and nutritionally.

With 180 euros for two people you have arrived in the higher price range, but the quality is right and the free Italian attitude to life you get served for free. I would postpone a focused debate on my short-term partnership issues to tomorrow and encourage holiday experiences and desires in the thicket of international languages. The traditions of the demanding tourists seem to have worked very well so far – not as local as I thought. On Thursday, the place will surprise you with a live jazz performance starting at around 10pm. Food in modern Italy with a passionate meat kitchen and good solid wine list. That’s fun. Maybe I’ll go for a drink at the lively bar.

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