Fresco, Restaurant & Pizzeria, Naples, Italy

2.5 points

The very beautiful receptionist Valentina at the highly recommended Hotel Excelsior advised us to have dinner at a place close by called Fresco — saying that there was not only excellent pizza, but also many other good things. Asked if she would go there with her family, she said yes. Our experience there ended up being rather disappointing, unfortunately, and maybe Valentina has not been there for a long time or maybe she has no family – who knows.

Hectic and inattentive waiters, so of course sloppy service. All of the courses came more or less at the same time, so the starter with the main course. It is not worth describing the food in more detail, it was generally less than mediocre.

20180801_210958.jpgThe original pizza Napoletana was admittedly quite tasty.

Presumably, the quality of all restaurants and pizzerias on Via Partenope is more or less the same. It is about mass processing and that the table is quickly free again, so that the next guests can be fleeced.

A pity, considering its location — in such a beautiful place in the Neapolitan district Pallonetto .

There will soon be another review about a top restaurant at Naples. Drafting this here, I am looking back to the wonderful few days we had in Naples. One interesting experience I had was that every single taxi driver, everyone at the hotel, and also the barkeepers and salespeople in the stores were all very nice and polite. Honestly, there is no other town in the world that I know where taxi drivers are so friendly and entertaining… however, this does unfortunately not apply to waiters and most of people we had to deal with at restaurants. Many years ago, I wrote about a red wine called Il Grifone (Il Grifone, 2000, Rosso Piceno Superiore) and an Italian Restaurant in New York that it is somehow connected to. The host of that restaurant could have been from Naples originally.

If you’re looking for a hotel in Naples, go to the Excelsior – really great: and here the link to Fresco: