Minuty Prestige Rose, 2014, Cotes de Provence, Rosé from France

2 points

According to online advertising, this wine should be one of best rosé wines from  Provence. The bottle’s appearance – its silver label with gold lettering on a transparent bottle – certainly fits the image and lifestyle of the Cote d’Azur. The whole image projects lightness, freshness, youth and also coolness, chicness and elitism.


Minuty’s Prestige Rose is made from Grenach, Cinsault, Tibouren and Syrah – rather typical for the area. It’s not overly fruity, which I think is positive (and perhaps the only notable thing about this wine). The most dominant fruit aromas are of lemon and pomelo. You catch a whiff of fresh summer flowers – from the look and the taste I would imagine something like daisies.

Considering that a bottle costs almost € 20 (!), it is a very expensive wine for what it is. There really isn’t anything special about this wine; it somehow lacks any real character. Perhaps for sipping in the late afternoon, suitable for society ladies in high heels by the pool – for which the “elegance” of the bottle is more important than the taste.

Due to its flatness, one advantage of this rosé is that it certainly won’t influence the taste of any accompanying dish. You could say that the best counter program for the taste would be burned fish skin.


Minuty Prestige is the top wine of Minuty. S.T. Vineyards are located on the peninsula between the villages of Gassin and Ramatuelle, just south of St Tropez. Actually, the design described earlier also reflects the location of the winery: St Tropez – from the outside elegant, even perhaps beautiful, from the inside lacking any real foundation, since now everyone and everything is done for the benefit of the super rich inhabitants of this hot spot and its close surrounding – who have managed to cut off all routes of people who lived there 100 years ago. Those Russians, Middelhoffs and other super rich people who bought all land and consequently destroyed any real historical flair indeed are like the design of Minuty. The salmon color, the silver label – all this fits to young rich bitches. Flatness in reality.

To avoid any misunderstanding: it is a very scenic land.

I think I would be a successful businessman if I would just produce such wine at and for this area. Thus I do not deny any legitimacy of this wine. It certainly sells. But not to me. It is unspectacular, banal and nothing interesting at all.

Please read everything else about the wine here: http://www.minuty.com/