Riserva Mazon, 2006, Pinot Nero, Blauburgunder, J. Hofstätter, red wine from Alto Adige, Italy

6 points

Many months ago I already wrote about the vinery J. Hofstätter from Alto Adige. Please find all about it at Riserva Mazon, 2008

I recently opened the wine I describe but this time it was a 2006 vintage and a magnum. The wine was wonderful and confirms to me that 2006 was a great vintage for this region.

This Pinot Nero is rich of fruity, sour and sweet notes of blue and red berries and black cherries, well balanced strength of wooden notes (not only oak!) along with some herbal and tobacco flavors.  It’s very soften, perhaps a bit too less minerality for such voluminous Pinot Noir. Otherwise this is what it makes the wine so special. I believe if you drink this wind blind, you may not have the idea to drink 100% Pinot Nero as it is really warm and less sophisticated.

It is certainly a great wine!

You can find all about Hofstätter at their webpage: http://www.hofstatter.com/