Belvedere, Restaurant, Warsaw, Poland

7 points

Wonderful location – wonderful food!

This is actually what would be enough to describe the restaurant Belvedere. The restaurant’s home is the new orangery in the Royal Lazienki Park in the middle of Warsaw.


The chef’s name is Adam Komar and he seems dedicated to polish cuisine. This means perhaps more than some of reader would assume since polish way of cooking is rather simple, heavy and very down to earth. It is indeed not only very delicious there but all plates were served very beautifully arranged and decorated.


smoked pieces of salmon


cold beetroot soup abuzzed with cucumber and egg


rabbit on groat


duck breast with little dumplings on rhubarb


Ficus with sorbet

Also other dishes were always a very nice combination of some classic basics with some surprising additions as for instance duck and rhubarb. The best perhaps this time was the cold beetroot soup.

The service was perfect! The prices are very fair. It is astonishing that this restaurant has not yet – according to my information – a Michelin star. It certainly deserves it. Anyhow it has numerous other awards already. This is by far so far the best restaurant I know in Warsaw! (look at other places on my blog: and .

Here is the link to Belvedere’s webpage which is well done:

After a rich a delicious meal – due to the unique location – you are invited to have a nice “Verdauungsspazierung” as we German say – which means you can walk your meal off with a stroll. And you certainly will think the same as me: it is always worth to spend some time but also money for a very good lunch!