Pinot Noir, Unfiltered, Peth Wetz, 2012, Red-wine from Germany

5 points

I experienced a very nice surprise when I recently had an unfiltered Pinot Noir from the winemakers Peth Wetz. It is a comparable young vinery since they started own production only ten years ago. Nevertheless the internet is pretty full of it; certainly not only because of good marketing and publicity (they have a very professional and self-reliant webpage) but because of the quality of their wines. I haven’t tried anything of Peth Wetz before I found a special edition of them among the summer selection of the degustation subscription of Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

img_1013-1014p1Peth-Wetz is from Bermersheim which is in Rheinhessen. It is just 11 km away from Dittelsheim-Hessloch from where another wine comes which I recently introduced: This said, Rheinhessen is less popular or substantial as a wine area in Germany as for instance Mosel. But you find very reasonable and obviously also excellent wines there.

This unfiltered Pinot Noir, vintage 2012, is just quaffable, very smart, and pretty unique in comparison with other rather classic Pinot Noirs. The main reason of its little bit exotic character is that the wine aged for 24 month (!) in French barrique. You could say that the taste of the wine is a mix of German Pinot Noir and some real good Pinot Noir from California and when I read about Christian Peth who is the winemaker I learned that he spent some time studying winemaking in Chile, Australia and USA. So no surprise!

The tastes: Local red fruits as blackberry, black raspberry but also grass and field herbals. Since it is unfiltered all the aromas are strongly agglutinated and deliver a fascinating complexity where you of course find the typical spiciness of a Pinot Noir.

It is not a sophisticated or one of the top Pinot Noirs in Germany! It is a great wine for any “normal” occasion. I would actually not recommend any food in particular to this wine. I wouldn’t be surprised that many people who would not enjoy classic Spätburgunder would be satisfied with this wine, since it has really a rather universal approach.

Well done!

You can buy the wine at the wineries webpage: