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Pinot Noir, Unfiltered, Peth Wetz, 2012

Pinot Noir, Unfiltered, Peth Wetz, 2012, Red-wine from Germany

5 points

I experienced a very nice surprise when I recently had an unfiltered Pinot Noir from the winemakers Peth Wetz. It is a comparable young vinery since they started own production only ten years ago. Nevertheless the internet is pretty full of it; certainly not only because of good marketing and publicity (they have a very professional and self-reliant webpage) but because of the quality of their wines. I haven’t tried anything of Peth Wetz before I found a special edition of them among the summer selection of the degustation subscription of Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

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Sauvignon Blanc, vom Kalkstein, Wernersbach, 2014

Sauvignon Blanc, vom Kalkstein, Wernersbach 2014, White-wine from Germany

5 points

This wine is another selection of the current Süddeutscher Zeitung spring collection.

If you read the description of the wine of Süddeutsche Zeitung this must be a very rare wine as they reports that the wine delivers aromas of Guava, grapefruit, a bit kiwi and peruvian cherry and even some asparagus. This is too much in one wine in my mind or the sommelier missed the rights synonyms.

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Grignano, Chianti Rufina, 2010

Grignano, Chianti Rufina, 2010, Tuscany, 2010, Red wine from Italy

3,5 points

Even though this wine is already four to five years old, surprisingly you don’t really taste the aging. There isn’t maturity or richness and dry fruitiness you usually experience when you open a “red” from Toscana. It is rather fresh, still very young, somehow a bit sour but pretty full of its own character. You may like it or you may not, but this wine doesn’t deliver any kind of Mediterranean flair like sun, heat, dry earth or straw. With my limits of tasting I guess – in the case I would have to taste the wine blindly – I would even tend toward some flavors I associate with nebbiolo. Nebbiolo is a grape of Piedmont. If you translate Nebbiolio into German something like “nebelig” would be a reasonable translation. “Nebelig” means foggy or misty.

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