Patriglione, Salento, 2001, Cosimo Taurino, Guagnano, Red-wine from Italy

5 points

I already wrote almost everything interesting about the vinery of Cosimo Taurino within my report on another Salento named A 64 – obviousely from the same vinery. Therefore I refer to this report:

It is astonishing to me that the wine has the capacity to mature so long as I seriously doubted it was made for being stored almost 15 years. It is an intensive, very rich, bit sweet and – let me say so in a positive meaning – elder wine. The mentioned heaviness isn’t disturbing, it is welcomed! There is still an amazing fruitiness considering where is comes from and how limited many wines of Salento could be: cranberry, black cherry and figs comes along with some condimental licorice. To make the flavor visually I would describe it with a rich, big red grape fouling on estival straw. Another description could that you have some cherry liquor in a praline which is served on an accurate temperature; the liquor would deliver even some sweat freshness in your mouth. Take this memory and combine it with oak! This is the finish. Great!

This wine is made out of 90% Negroamaro and 10% Malvasia nera (which is rather very seldom!) and I would certainly not serve it on 20 C as it is recommended on the backside label. This one needs to be cellar cold, at least 16 C.

This wine fits to tomato driven courses, baked lamb, zucchini and aubergine side dishes. I also think this is a wine which – in its current age – would be actually perfect to mid Asian and selected oriental dishes as plov or lamb balls with rosins. Yes, the peppery sweetness would fit perfect to such kind of food – puh… this is rich!

The area of this wine lays between Taranto and (closer to) Lecce – one of the ugliest cities of Apulia and one of the most impressive and beautiful cities. This is lower land, which can be very hot in summer but due to some bayous the climate is rather muggy sometimes. The soil should be mostly clay.

Here is the webpage of Cosimo Taurino: The only winestore I know in Germany which offers wine of Taurino is Bremer Wein.