Bistrot Saint Sauveur, Restaurant, Le Cannet, France

5,5 points

Although it will remain a miracle to me how someone can buy a real estate in this sprawl urban area of too much cement and too less green called Le Cannet I admit it it has a nice little old town center where you find another interesting and friendly restaurant close to Cannes called Bistrot Saint Sauveur.


It is away from all loud life along the Croisette and due to limited space rather local although it deserves a visit from Cannes because of it quality cooking.

It is a tiny, small and choosy place. The room is a triangle like the building so sitting is a bit different to any other more spaced spot. As most times in France you are rather close to your (unknown) neighbor which doesn’t matter really.

fond-salle_bistrot_saint-sauveurThe chef’s name is Claude Sutter who created this pleasant and enjoyable bistro which is in real a restaurant and according to my information already spotted my gourmet guides and critics. The food is a modern kind of Southern French cuisine, not too ambitious but rich in flavors and approaches of traditional – perhaps even neglected – recipes in the combination of an individual interpretation of local ingredient. Although it is very close to the sea this restaurant is not too much driven by fish or even sea food. Aside of traditional and typical kind of French appetizer some of the main dishes are like plain fare but fancifully enriched by some seldom side dish. This said, a salad at this place is a salad – green, fresh and with some nice vinaigrette.

First thing you get after having be sit are slices of intensive and strong ham, but really tasty and wonderful alternative to bread!

WP_20150515_006As said appetizers are rather classic I had a really delicious pate: Traditional “pâté en croûte” with salad from the market. I believe this is home-made. Although you would think this is too heavy, the opposite exactly has been the case.

As main course you could for instance – if you prefer fish – for a Panaché de poissons

WP_20150515_007Rich in any way: lots of fish (salmon) in a very tasty but extremely rich creamy soup.

Aside of some classics as two or three beef meals the lamb I took was excellent and very tasteful. Without any special falderal and other distractions.


The consistence of low temperature cooked lamb was just perfect: really tender but not to soften. Real and honest lamb taste. The side dishes or let’s say rather the basis it was some kind of pasta which Claude Sutter calles “pasta shells”  which was enriched with thyme.

The so-called wine cellar is a big wall fridge. The selection of wine does include many unknown wines to me nevertheless I had to accept that exactly that one I wanted wasn’t available. As this was a rather unknown wine from Cotes Du Jura it was honestly a little bit disappointing. The suggested alternative didn’t meet my taste expectation. Unfortunately nobody among the service persons were inspired enough just let me discover something comparable which means there isn’t really a summellier.

Aside of this a little bit weak point it is very good to know this place which was introduced by my friend Peter Eiff who also searches always for some new and good restaurants across the world.

Since I am complaining always about Cannes and its special “flair” there is still something I should mention: after two, three hours dinner suddenly a very friendly looking elder gentleman approaches your table and shakes your hand while he introduces himself – of course in French. It is Claude Sutter himself! This was very nice.

Make a reservation before you go there. Space is really limited and due to its status there are probably many local people ( and this for good reasons). Here is the webpage: