Nibbio Morellino 2013, Poggio Nibbiale Di Buchheim, red wine from Tuscany, Italy

4 points

Another wine from the previously-mentioned degustation packet from the German newspaper  Süddeutsche Zeitung ( is probably a special edition of a Morellino from the winery Poggio Nibbiale Di Buchheim. Buchheim isn’t an Italian name, although the wine comes from Tuscany. If you “google” the name of the winery you understand quickly that this Buchheim is a German dentist from Seeshaupt – on the Bavarian lake Starnberger See. If you know the Starnberger See, then the association immediately creates an image of rich guys with a collection of Porsches and other symbols of opulence. This Mr. Buchheim seams to have invested his money into something much better – although I have no idea what kind of car he drives. He invested in his own winery. Compliments!

When I saw the vintage – 2013 – I thought about keeping the bottle perhaps one or two years before opening it. But I changed my mind, since I was curious after I read the story about the dentist and so I can tell you: this is a really nice wine. With the first sip you reconsider the idea that this is a simple wine – although it doesn’t offer the “show” of so many other Tuscan wines.

Still too young in my mind but already now a pleasure to drink: morello cherry – as the name already says – tobacco and the smell of something which reminds of buckskin (sorry for this strange description).  Tannins are integrated harmoniously; it is dry (!) but pleasant to the taste: it isn’t so easy to stop sipping this.

It contains, according to the label, 85% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and Canaiolo – which is the appropriate mixture of a Morellino, according to DOCG – the Italian wine-making standards – it isn’t heavy but dry. This one is rather fresh and colder. And it is a very beautiful color!

I really appreciate the modest and polite approach of the wine – you could also say honest! This dentist must be someone you can trust. Drinking red wine cause dental plaque – so I should perhaps schedule a deep-cleaning of my teeth with Mr. Buchheim!

If you’d like to eat something with this wine, I would guess all kinds of rather simple pasta meals would fit, but perhaps in particular with mushrooms (fungi), perhaps creamy sauces would be delicious with this bold drink!

Poggio Nibbiale has a nice webpage: The once I tried is available via