Marcqués del Hueco, Rioja, 2012, Vendimia Seleccionada, red wine from Spain

4,5 points

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Spanish wine. Since I am a subscriber of a degustation packet of German’s daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung every three months I have the chance to get to know new wines. As always, sometimes it is rather disappointing, sometimes one can discover something new and compelling. So I opened a bottle of Marcqués del Hueco, a Rioja. I was actually astonished and very pleased! If every unknown wine were so good and digestible I would be really happy.

I remember 18 years ago Rioja (out of nowhere) became a fashion at many places in Prenzlauer Berg and other then-trendsetting districts of Berlin. At that time, I didn’t know anything about wine, but someone described the taste of a Rioja with the word almond. You may associate almond with marzipan and then automatically with Christmastime, cookies and Stollen. Perhaps think anticipation of Rioja remained. Thanks to this one I am able to correct it.

This probably not even high-end Roija of Marcqués del Hueco is a pretty mild wine, smooth but not too heavy! Aside from different mature berry aromas I liked it because it has some even oriental flavors like raisin, maybe fig – no almonds! It doesn’t deliver this kind of taste of heat and dust but certainly you will think about summer and sun drinking this wine. It is very well balanced, surely powerful with a lot of body but very elegant.

I will buy some bottles of this wine for sure. Perhaps it isn’t something for a big dinner, thinking about what you would eat along with it. I can imagine it is a suitable companion for a big plate of assorted hams, salami and stronger southern cheeses or just a nice veal cutlet or chop.

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