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Monte Real, Bodega Riojanas, Gran Reserve, 1970

Monte Real, Bodega Riojanas, Gran Reserve, 1970, Red-wine from Spain

6,5 points

As once written I do not know anything about Spanish wine unfortunately. Nevertheless together with some followers of the Weinbar Rutz I recently had the chance to taste a Monte Real, Grand Reserve from 1970!

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Asador Guetaria, Bar and Restaurant, Bilbao

Asador Guetaria, Bar and Restaurant, Bilbao, Spain

4,5 points

This place needs getting used to it. The first impression while you enter the location is that you think you are in a fast food kind of bar but certainly not in a restaurant. The real restaurant is in the back! On the way to it you’ll pass the grill station and confidence will return that you made the right choice. The BBQ is huge, hot and at the moment we came along covered by big pieces of meat and some fish. Very alluring.

comedor-principal-restaurante-getariaThe guest room is rather traditional. Unfortunately the main guest room has no window, as far as I could oversee it there wasn’t any access to fresh air. The manager of the restaurant wore a light blue jacket, his tie also colorful but suitable – all together the expression of a special character. Either it is a part of Basque mentality to remain rather reserved or just the style of the restaurant as there remained a strange and incomprehensible distance among service and guest.

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Marcqués del Hueco, Rioja, 2012

Marcqués del Hueco, Rioja, 2012, Vendimia Seleccionada, red wine from Spain

4,5 points

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Spanish wine. Since I am a subscriber of a degustation packet of German’s daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung every three months I have the chance to get to know new wines. As always, sometimes it is rather disappointing, sometimes one can discover something new and compelling. So I opened a bottle of Marcqués del Hueco, a Rioja. I was actually astonished and very pleased! If every unknown wine were so good and digestible I would be really happy.

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