RivaBella, Italian Restaurant, Los Angeles, USA

0,5 points

What a dreary and uninspired restaurant. I guess all the food here tastes the same, having no particular or distinguishing flavors, but is in an American way “rich” which in the most of the cases means that it is just heavy. Although the waiter was “so” nice, I could have selected any dish it would have been an excellent choice, if not the best of the night. Don’t be foolish enough to ask him about anything as he – honestly a really nice guy – would probably never have had a chance to taste any of the dishes he’s serving.

The place isn’t inviting and just shamefully expensive considering your experience. Any pasta dish is not below $20.00! Main courses are all at least $40.00!

To be fair, I haven’t tasted the whole menu!

Wine is extremely expensive! There is nothing to discover on that wine menu. But you will leave the place with much less money than when you entered. One glass of PINOT NOIR, SUMMERLAND, VINTNERS SELECT, SANTA MARIA, 2012, which is a decent and ordinary wine, sets you back around $15.00 (!) per glass – even though you can buy the bottle online for less than $20.00.

Of course – even it is only 18 degree celsius outside, the air conditioning will be set at 9 degrees, so that you catch a cold in addition to having a boring food experience and disgruntling bill. (The cold is free). Just as a global conclusion: No inspiration in regard to the menu but ambitious prices.