Cháteau Beau Séjours, 1998, Bordeaux, St. Emelion Gran Cru, Red wine from France

5,5 points

I stumbled upon this bottle in my mother’s cellar. Not knowing anything particular about this wine, we just decided to open and decant it.

Simply speaking: very delicious but somehow stronger tannins than I am used to. The whole tasting experience was a graceful one, although it lacked some depth. There were a lot of flavors like dry fruits as plums and some real country flavors. Nevertheless, this wine wasn’t really filigree. Perhaps it would have been better to give the wine more than an hour air before you sip the first glass.

My drinking experiences is older than this blog. We tasted the wine more than one year ago. Hopefully it wasn’t too early.

It is probably not possible to get this wine (and vintage) at any store. Here is the website of the winemaker: