Arco Antico, Pizzaria, San Marco di Locorotondo, Pulia, Italy

1497581_302969813223190_7948449430752086154_nToday my son Balthasar shares his memories of his “best pizza of the world”:

We were on holidays in Apulia, Italy when we normally ate dinner. The food of our sensational hotel “Il Palmento” was decent. But there was even a better place to have dinner. Only 5 minutes walking from our hotel, there was a restaurant – called Arco Antio – with what I think is the best pizza in the world. I remember dark small streets towards a small light, the restaurant. I remember cars from the parking place on a flint ground. The light wasn’t bright at all. But still you could see my dad with his red-sunburned head. ^^

Behind the kitchen inside of the trulli building, there were the eating tables inside of the not very bright but relaxing light. Even when it is your first time there, the waiters and the cooks treat you like you are there every day. I remember, when my sister and I always asked our parents for 50 cents for a bouncing ball. I also remember watching the pizza maker making pizzas.

ThIMG_5557e pizzas were huge! If you look at them the first time you will think you can’t eat a whole pizza but you’d be wrong. If you sit there in your seat and the waiter comes with four pizzas in his hands, you already smell how the pizza smells. When you taste them, your mind of not eating a whole pizza will definitely change. I guarantee it’ll be gone in 5 minutes! I remember when we were eating there. We got our pizzas when we were just talking. We talked finished after 1 minute and then ate our pizzas. But my Dad, who didn’t talked to us since the pizza has arrived, was finished with his pizza already!

He only said one thing after we stared at his empty plate: “Sorry, I was hungry.”

This points have been given by my son: Pizza 6 points

Where to find: Strada comunale Cupa , San Marco di Locorotondo, 70010 Locorotondo, Italy