Freakshow, A „Michael David Joint“, The Strongest Man on Earth, Lodi, California, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013, Red-wine from USA

3,5 points

I began my last review of “The Seven Deadly Zins” with this note: “Art and design are certainly a question of taste.” (The Seven Deadly Zins, 2013, Lodi Old Vine, Zinfandel) I certainly didn’t expect anyone to top that last label!  And it’s the same winemakers who have created this – let me say – impressive label. You can call them courageous or perhaps just possessing a strong instinct for kitsch. In any case: another remarkable wine label, it’s unforgettable!

This time it isn’t Zinfandel but Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 2013. So, is it a hot wine punch (Glühwein)? It is so rich, so full-bodied, and so heavy that it’s really difficult to recognize any distinct notes  – not being a professional sommelier.

The wine tastes like a wine-lebkuchen. Clove, cassis, tobacco and sweet fruits. Actually, I’m not sure if I like it or not. I’d say this wine is only drinkable if it’s good and cold, although the wine is really of a higher quality than that would suggest. A full-bodied, dense, and straightforward Cabernet Sauvignon. Lodi is quite a hot area – also a reason for the heaviness and richness of this grape.

DSC_1386.JPGIf you read other reviews of this wine – even Master Robert Parker tasted the wine – many of them are more enthusiastic than I am. For me, simply and honestly speaking, this wine is a bit too much. Like the label.