Trattoria Da Dante Alle Piazza, Padua, Italy

4 points

This very classical Trattoria was recommended to me by the receptionist of Padua’s probably only design hotel, called Le Camp ( She is an attractive young woman from Padua, with some Romanian roots, and she told me that Trattoria Da Dante Alle Piazza wouldn’t be her place as it is rather conservative and doesn’t offer “light” food. Actually this was what I wanted to hear, since I was in the mood for a classic Italian pasta.

And indeed, it’s a very classical trattoria, typical interior, friendly service and a menu without surprises but basic dishes. Considering that it was Monday evening at 9 pm, it was impressively full, and I was lucky to still get one little table.


I had spaghetti alle vongole which was very tasty, appropriately al dente, and with a delicious pungency. Unfortunately, the second dish – lamb chops – weren’t anywhere near as good as the spaghetti. Because they were very well done, the meat was dry and simply sapless. In fact, I enjoyed the spinach on the side more than the meat, although it looked disgusting – though I didn’t photograph it.

WP_20160516_026I didn’t understand why they put a second knife under the meat on the plate….

Surprisingly, the wine list is quite notable, as it contains a reasonable selection of wines of Venetia, Friuli and Alto Adige.


There is a local red-wine called Bagnoli Friularo made from the native grape Raboso Piave. As I can’t remember that I ever drank it consciously, I ordered a bottle. It was the right choice.

I wonder why they have a webpage (, as there is almost no information available on it. Anyhow, I would hazard to say that more than 75% of the guests are local. And I relied on the recommendation of the young woman at my hotel. So, everybody in Padua should know this place.