Chateau Lestage, Listrac Médoc, 2009, Cru Bourgeois, Red-Wine from France

4,5 points

You can get two different wines from Chateau Lestage: a white and a red one. The red one is called Lestage, the female version seems to be the white one which is called nicely as Chateau Caroline.

Listrace Medoc does not belong to the most top villages of winemaking. This is not a famous vinery, but a down to earth family named Chanfrau which present themselves very friendly if you look at their webpage Certainly real winemakers, full of ferventness to produced wines.

lestage010Pretty dry, some pepper and a smoky finish. The fruits aren’t too much presents although of course you can taste cassis, black cherries plus strong tannin. Rudimentary wooden tastes as well but also some – still unbalanced – sourness.  Barrique for my taste is too much present; it is that what I once described as flavor or wet leather and oak wood.

I personally like the wine and would buy and drink it again although it is rather something for a nice evening together at a terrace or fire place but not for some special event. The real kick is missing; it is even a little bit thin. On the other side, all my friends who aren’t big wine experts who just want a good glass of red-wine, they would appreciate and like it.

lestage020 (1)The vinery is at plateau of Puy de Menjon ca. 30 kilometers in the north of Bordeaux and one of the highest points of the wine area Médoc. The soil is a mixture of clay, lime and marl. It is at the edge of some famous Bordeaux areas although it clearly belongs to Médoc.  Therefore and according to Lestage’s webpage Merlot is the favorable grape which explains a lot about the wine.

2009 was a good vintage not of this vinery only, but for all vineries on the left side of the Garonne.

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