A.J. Adam, Dhroner Hofberg, Riesling Trocken, White-wine from Germany

6,5 points

Another excellent Riesling from Mosel: A.J. Adam is a Riesling of the vineyard called Drohn. This is a part of Neumagen Drohn at the middle of German’s number one Riesling wine area Mosel.

There was a wave of so-called new, young and dynamic winemaker along the Mosel – Andreas J. Adam has been one of them. Although his personal story is pretty remarkable Andreas J. Adam nowadays is an established, successful and in particular great winemaker. His family once gave up winemaking and rented their vineyards to other wine producer until Andreas decided to reunite this wonderful pieces of land and produces his own wines. I wonder if his father grudges his son’s visionary decision. He shouldn’t of course as he can be very proud.

33282910You will never get a real dry Riesling from A. J. Adams as his wines have always this very typical soft and fruity sweetness which comes along with the important and so unique minerality. If you think about reddish schist you can taste even the flavor of such stone. The fruitiness is filled with ripened apple on one side, on the other just lemon and grapes! If there is energizing wine, then this one is one although the 2013 vintage is a little bit more sour than others.

The color of this wine tends to yellow although is it still a little bit green. As soon you take the first nip you are gone. This is such an amazing freshness, very light sparkling on your tongue and an explosion in your mouth which then will tough all your senses! You get easily addicted as you like more and more of this stuff as the aromas stays very long.

The vine is up to 60 years old and if there is “Hofberg” on the label you can be sure that this wine comes only from this very steep estate.

Reading about the vintage 2013 many people said this would be a rather poor one. I wouldn’t agree although there is a tendency to more sourness that usual, but I assume this will make all these wine much more exciting when they get a bit older.


I would not eat anything along this wine, to be honest. This is perfect as a wine for a sunny late afternoon, as a opener of an evening with friends or just to get into good mood.

The webpage of Adam is under construction since many years. And I tell you why: because this is a small – almost self-made man place. Andreas Adam almost does everything by himself: he is in the vineyard of course, in the cellar as well, sometime at some presentation. I just wrote he got a partner: his sister. Everything stays in the family which isn’t a bad decision considering the quality and individuality of this winemaking. Send an email, usually you should get feedback. http://www.aj-adam.com/ .

If you are on facebook you can find quite nice information about them: https://www.facebook.com/WeingutAJAdam?fref=photo