Chamberlain Suite Hotel, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

6 points

Every person has its favored hotel in a town where one goes several times or regularly. If you go to Los Angeles either as a tourist or for business you perhaps like to be located rather in a center of a circle of destination than perhaps somewhere at the edge.

Almost invisible and fully integrated in its calm neighborhood this boutique hotel is located in West Hollywood between Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd.

This hotel offers incomparable spacious rooms which are like studios: living and sleeping areas are not separated by walls but spatial parted. You can call the bath really a bathroom, not such a place where you still hold the latch while sitting on the toilette. One of the best things is that almost all rooms have balconies and large windows which you can open! Due to beautiful big trees in front of the building there is always enough shadow to keep heat apart from the building. Unique for USA: fresh air without air conditioning (although there is air condition available – which I never used).

Aside of all good experience with the rooms there is beautiful roof terrace with a smaller pool, comfortable leis and lodges. Far in the distance you see downtown LA – in particular if you like sunrises this is a great place to be.


Breakfast is served in a nice breakfast room which is used by night also a bar of the hotel. It has huge glass windows and faces into the backyard of the hotel, where you can sit outside, listen to splashing of a little fountain: welcome in a real silent and relaxing neighborhood.

The selection of breakfast is good: between a classic American breakfast for Cowboys (Eggs, Speck, potatoes) there are some really nice choises as for instance a so-called Californian one which contains chamberlainhotelxx155491avocado, chicken sausage and poached eggs. Certainly you get all kind of cereal as well. Only be careful with the cappuccino or latte as this is really bad: totally bitter and heavy milk foam.

Of course the hotel offers a gym as well but no spa.

Last but not least: the service is always excellent. All people are very friendly without this wearisome untruthful politeness you meet at many other places.

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