Steigenberger Hotel, Linz, Austria

This place is attracting customers with misinformation: the hotel is, indeed, directly on the Danube  – but it’s surrounded by an industrial harbor, an Autobahn, and a refinery.  The location of this hotel is ridiculous. (

Since the room was totally overheated, I had to open the window – resulting in my room being filled with a strong “odor” of petrol and gas. It is like a deal with the devil: if you close the window it gets warm since you cannot regulate the heating and the “odor” remains in your room. If you keep window open, you at least can let the “odor” mixed with some cold air but you will be entertained the whole night by the Autobahn traffic noise.

Please take into consideration that I actually had a room on the top floor! I don’t want to imagine how it would be on a lower floor!

An interesting aspect of the hotel is its style: there are navy elements everywhere, although Austria is a country without sea, and the Danube isn’t a passage for such huge ships. All in all it is  decorated without love and inspiration.

It is impossible to call the location where you get food a restaurant. It has the charm of a staff canteen: Only one strength and coldness of light, industrial paving tiles and no coziness. Poor staff, what a horrible place to work! Within this, there is another paned room which is used for the bar. Since you are allowed to smoke there, sometimes a breeze of fresh cigarette smoke appears at your table. I believe I almost never had a worse Wiener Schnitzel in Austria! Not fried, but deep fried, just a piece of meat covered by very hot, extreme fad breading.

Thanks God they offered beer. It was well tempered. The only good thing that night!

Very bad