German Riesling from Würzburg

4 points

After more than two years I opened my last Bocksbeutel (the name of the special form of a bottle of wine from the Main area) of a Riesling from a pretty big wine producer from Würzburg called Juliusspital. My favorite of these wines is the Weißer Burgunder. Nevertheless tonight I am drinking a 2008 Würzburger Stein GG. It is wonderful, pretty heavy, rich and voluminous. It iWP_20150218_002s incorporable different than other great German Riesling as it isn’t too mineral and sour. Riesling isn’t gold of course in a glass, but if you would like to find a color of the taste you would take rather golden white wines as a reference. I opened the bottle today (18.2.2015) also because I had Nürnberger Bratwürstel, Sauerkraut and Kartoffelbrei (Nürnberger sausages, sauerkraut and mashed potatos); for this earthy and intense food it was a good complement.

In general you can buy Juliusspital’s wine  at their own website but also, for example, at the Kaufhof Galeria at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. I doubt you will find the 2008 vintages in any store, but you never know!