Poggia delle Faine, 2006, Red wine from Italy

2 point

This wine is a remarkable example of good marketing! It was ca. € 9 per bottle, although I don’t think you can still get it. The wine ranked on many wine testing charts within Top 5 and 1. Many magazines, wine testers and of course websites presented this wine as something very special. Based on this assumption I also bought some bottles.

WP_20150228_003This wine would fit into any show like “German next Supermodell” as it delivers a very fashionable taste. The wine isn’t dry, it isn’t too sweet, it isn’t too earthy, but if you ask me what it is, I would struggle to give an appropriate answer. During the last three or four years I opened bottle by bottle. I never could share this astonishment or excitement I read about it.  Recently I opened a few more and came to the same conclusion: there is something artificial about the taste. I still miss a distinguishing profile, there is nothing unique, no character, no contours. It smells like a red wine but without an individual flavor but intensive tannin.  Usually you would say, wow nine years old now: there must be some development and maturity. The only thing I can say in a positive way is that it is now a very velvety wine. The rest remains soulless and flat.

I searched a bit on the internet and just found out that the wine is not produced by a real winemaker of a vineyard but it comes from a winery as a cuvee of bought grapes. Good business for those who made this wine almost a decade ago.