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Wine from Romania

Davino, 2012

Davino, 2012, Domaine Ceptura Rouge, Red wine from Romania

6 points

I once disappointed my Romanian friend and colleague Mihai when he asked me to try a Romanian Chardonnay, which I did. You can guess why he was disappointed – because I didn’t really like it. If you read my blog often you may remember the review:

Wine is connected with the soul of the part of the earth where it comes from. If you come from a country such as Romania, which is much less developed than the most of European countries, it is absolutely understandable that you’d want to present something unique, beautiful or extraordinary. If you take wine as the example, you’re automatically entering one of the toughest competitions. Continue reading “Davino, 2012”

Sole, Chardonnay, 2014, Recas

Sole, Chardonnay Barrique, 2014, de Recas, white wine from Romania

2,5 points

According to the back label, there are only 25,000 bottles of this wine, which is produced from Recas’s best vineyards – “Dealul Tiganulul” or “Gispey Hill”. It was given to me by a brave Romanian who told me about the surprising quality of this Romanian chardonnay. I have always been surprised by interesting and good wines from Romania. But I believe I was always tasting only the top wines  – since the people who offered me some of these wines knew that I like wine and pretend to understand something about it.

Until then I had only tried red wines – this was the first white.

Continue reading “Sole, Chardonnay, 2014, Recas”

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