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Saint Joseph

Clos Saint-Joseph, Syrah, 2013, Villars sur Var

Clos Saint-Joseph, Syrah, 2013, Villars sur Var, Red wine from France

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Perhaps the first thing I should say about this wine: it is too young! It could be better to let this wine age one more year before selling it. Since Roch Sassi produces only a few hundred bottles per year of this remarkable red wine, it’s not terribly easy to buy wines from him. Because the wine is of great quality and has a very special character,  you would expect that his wines are pre-sold anyhow, although they aren’t.

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Chandegrive, Saint Joseph, 2001

Chandegrive, Saint Joseph, 2001, Appellation Contrólee, Rhone, red wine from France


WP_20150403_048If something tasted more like leather and wet and old tobacco than this wine… It has a dusty flavor – dusty meaning like the dust in a old house or garage

The only excuse could be that the wine is process of decomposition and simply a bit too old. But I still don’t believe it would be much better some years ago.

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