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Fontanabianca, Barbaresco, Sorì Burdin, 2005

Fontanabianca, Barbaresco, Sorì Burdin, 2005, Red wine from Italy

4,5 points

The label of this wine makes people want to buy it! It has a beautiful and very memorable graphic or symbol within a golden ring in the center of the label. As I’ve said a few times already, I would never underestimate the value of the bottle’s design. Many of us may not remember a wine without this visual bracket. If the wine is good enough to keep it in mind, someone has created a valuable symbiosis.

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Alivio Barbaresco, Risvera 1998, Le Rocce Dei Barbari

Alivio Barbaresco, Risvera 1998, Le Rocce Dei Barbari, Piedmont, Red-wine from Italy

2 points

Many years ago I once went to Piedmont and into the center of Barbaresco area – the village of Barbaresco. This was still in a time I didn’t know too much about wines and in particular wine makers of Piedmont except the typical subjects as GAJA. Walking through this wine village I simply ended at the winery Le Rocche dei Barbari. I like the style of the testing room and the host – a son of the winemaker – had some time to serve me through wines. Among others at that time their best was a Barbaresco Risverva 1998. It was already eight if not even nine years old, matured really very many years in barrique. The whole presentation was pretty charming, a nice mixture of farm and modern wine selling.

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