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Merlot, Stekar, 2013

Merlot, Jure Stekar, 2013, red-wine from Slovenia

7,5 points

Jure Stekar often reminds me that I should finally write about his wine. And he’s undoubtedly right, because he produces one of my favorite Merlots. Merlot is such a widespread grape that there are understandably many sommeliers and wine lovers who have no particular affection for this grape variety. Due to the worldwide cultivation of this sort we can experience many different good and interesting wines. In the meantime, there are more than a few wineries in Germany who produce Merlot, including some that make very good wines such as Aldinger from Stuttgart (Bergmandel, Lemberger GG, 2012, Aldinger). Their Merlot of course tastes completely different compared to an unfiltered Merlot from Newton, California for example. What connects the two wines, however, is the proud price, even if the German is much better off.

Jure’s Merlot is not only a very special one because it has its very own character and is made entirely biologically and naturally (even without sulfides), but it is also an inexpensive price for its great quality. Though I probably shouldn’t mention that here because the price of the wine could always go up. However, what might prevent a rise in prices would be the rarely ugly label.

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Ovum, Sauvignon Blanc, Aldinger, 2013

Ovum, Sauvignon Blanc, Aldinger, 2013, White Wine from Germany

7 points

WP_20150405_006Ambitious, highfalutin, bold, cool or just refreshing – you could use each adjective if you like to describe the concept and wine named Ovum. Ovum is Latin and translates into egg. What has an egg to do with wine? Actually nothing except that one can imagine some chicken between vines.

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Bergmandel, Lemberger GG, 2012, Aldinger

Bergmandel, Lemberger GG, 2012, Aldinger, Red-wine from Germany

7 points

I have been criticized by someone who is from Stuttgart that it isn’t as bad as I described in the opener of my review of Aldinger’s Spätburgunder Rosé some while ago ( I only can repeat it is good to know the family Aldinger as they are great winemakers and it doesn’t matter really if they speak a bit strange German dialect. This all is a part of my perhaps strange humor and certainly is not related to any serious consideration about people coming from this area. Although I must say ….. again, this is joke.

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Spätburgunder Rosé, Grosse Reserve, 2013, Weingut Aldinger

Spätburgunder Rosé, Grosse Reserve, Trocken, 2013, Weingut Aldinger, rosé wine from Germany

4,5 points

The only difficulty I have with the winery is the location. It is in Fellbach which is a suburb of Stuttgart, simply an ugly city in the southwest of Germany where all people speak a ridiculous dialect called “Schwäbisch”.  God built the world within six days; “Schwäbisch” was probably at very end when he hadn’t anymore the mood to create something nice….

One very nice thing about our life is that ugliness is so often very close to beauty. You need to keep eyes open even in the worst corners of the world because you will always discover something valuable. Germany would be poorer if there wasn’t this wonderful winery Aldinger. ( They produce a huge variety of wines but their specialty is perhaps red wines which undoubtedly belong to the top top in Germany. You will find sooner or later, in other places on this blog, some reports about some other wines of Aldinger.

When I visited the Aldinger family, who have been winemakers for many generations, I got a gift: this rosé! Generally I am not really a big fan of rosé. In the most cases, rosé is really too sweet for me. Rosé is something which can only support a kind of a beach feeling for girls. Usually it isn’t filigree and rich of character. Considering this, I have to admit that that rosé is good and substantial. Instead of sweet it is natural fruity. Continue reading “Spätburgunder Rosé, Grosse Reserve, 2013, Weingut Aldinger”

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